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This ebook provides 100 % success in social studies. We have collected all study materials related to social science in a single collection. Here you can get notes, objective questions and major chapter solved examples. If you want to score high marks in social science then this ebook is for you. You will find every topic with proper explanation and objective questions on every topic.

Class 10 social Science Notes Chapter 10 Leadership is a Duty-free zone. The man who tries to live for others, soon finds he has knocked all the spirit, and pep, and self-reliance out of himself. He’s a mere make believe living corpse—a scarecrow stuffed with straw.

Social Science or Sociology is one of the three major subjects taught in any class 10th or class 11th in India. Since the subject deals with character building, social norms and human behavior, it demands much focus on the part of students and teachers. This kind of subject comes with hundreds of concepts and due to this very reason, students get confused which could reduce their performance in exams.



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