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If you are looking for the latest 5th STD English Textbook, then you have come to right place. Here we provide more than 100 units of 5th STD English text book in a single PDF file. These are the best 5th STD English materials that are available in market at low prices and no shipping charges.

5th STD English Textbook is a ground-up textbook that focuses on the foundational aspects of English language. Designed to provide students with a strong base in the language, this book will be useful to children in their initial years of schooling. It includes detailed explanations, examples and activities to help learners become proficient in using English. This book also explains how effective use of language improves communication abilities and boosts confidence levels!

Here is a one of a kind collection of 5th standard English Textbooks. This collection is special because it has been created in a way to incorporate the latest trends in the world of education. All lessons and theories have been covered by our team of highly qualified educators, so you can be sure that your child will get the best out of these books.

5th STD English Textbook PDF Overview

5th standard English textbook, state syllabus. download 5th std english book pdf in hindi, balbharti english book for 5th std from the website of Balbharti Prathamika Shala.

The state board syllabus has been divided into three parts. The first part is called the grammar section and it contains all the rules and regulations that have to be followed while speaking or writing in English. There are also some basic exercises that help students understand these rules better. The second part is called the vocabulary section and it contains a list of words that are used regularly in our daily life but might not be found in an English dictionary because they are very regional in nature. Finally, there is an essay section where students have to write essays based on different topics given by their teachers.”

5th STD English Textbook PDF


The syllabus of English for STD. V is divided into three parts:

  • Part-I and Part-II are the foundation courses of English Grammar and Composition respectively. These two courses have been designed to impart a thorough knowledge of English Grammar, Sentence Structure, Vocabulary Development, Correct Pronunciation, Listening Comprehension etc., so that students can write fluent English as well as listen to it with understanding.

Part III consists of three elective courses – I. Articles Writing, II Essay Writing & III Business Correspondence Course which would provide opportunities for learners to develop their creative abilities further by writing different kinds of articles in an attractive manner on various topics ranging from current affairs to fictional ones; writing essays based on different themes; learning about business etiquette and conventions related to letters writing etc.,


Unit 1 is a collection of literature and other resources to help you learn English.

To begin with, we have added a story to Unit 1. The story is called “The Three Little Pigs” by James Marshall. In this story, three little pigs live in their own houses that were made out of different materials: straw, wood and bricks. Then one day a wolf came and wanted to eat them but he couldn’t because the pig had built their house out of straw or wood or bricks so the wolf couldn’t break into it so then he went back home depressed because he didn’t get lunch that day so then when he got back home his wife asked him where did you go? And then she said well did you find something good for lunch today? And then finally after all those questions were answered she told me about our son being taken away from us because no matter what happens we have each other and not even death can separate us from each other so we will always be together forever no matter what happens in life there’s always someone who loves us deeply inside our hearts.”


Lesson 1: The Ant and The Grasshopper

The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, gathering grain for winter. Sadly, the grasshopper does not work; instead he plays all day. When winter comes and there is no food to be found anywhere, who will survive? This lesson’s key vocabulary words include “lazy” and “hardworking.” A handout with discussion questions is provided at the end of this lesson’s text.


“The Little Match Girl” is a short story by Hans Christian Andersen, published in 1845. Its theme is the triumph of hope and love over despair.

The short story begins with a poor little girl walking through the snow barefoot. She is on her way home from school, where she had been studying to become a teacher because she wants to help those less fortunate than herself. However, she has no money for food or shoes and must ask her parents for food every day when they return home from work. One night when it gets very cold outside and no one else wants any matches for warmth (a type of fire starter), she decides that this will be her last night alive because there are no more matches left in her box and nobody needs them anymore due to the extreme cold weather conditions surrounding them at that time frame within history’s evolution process due its evolution processes which causes us as humans today not being able to understand what was happening back then since we cannot go back into time but only forward into future times just like we did with our ancestors back then so now you know why we cannot go backwards into past eras unless if something happens where we need someone help us out again like what happened before during 911 terrorist attacks when people needed immediate help from firefighters etc…


A sentence is a group of words which expresses a complete thought.

  • Simple Sentence

A simple sentence contains one subject and one predicate, both joined by an appropriate connecting word.

It begins with a capital letter, ends with punctuation, and has no fragments or run-ons. The clauses in the sentences are related by subject, verb or other relationship (for example conjunction) but are not complex in nature; that is they cannot be broken down into smaller parts of speech such as nouns and verbs. For example: I like ice cream; It was cold outside this morning; I went home yesterday afternoon after work. Each clause is independent from the other while still having a dependent clause within it that makes sense when combined together with other independent clauses to create longer sentences capable of expressing more complicated ideas than just simple ones would allow on their own without any additional information needed from outside sources like encyclopedias or dictionaries used later on down line before starting new ones again etc…


This unit is about the novel, poetry, grammar and vocabulary. The supplementary reading is also included in this unit. The writing will help you to improve your skills as a student. It includes activities that need to be done by yourself or with your classmates for exploring the topic more deeply. In addition, there is an assessment which you can use to evaluate how well you have learned the contents of this unit


The stories in this unit are:

  • Monday’s Child: A Poem
  • The Land of Nod: A Fairy Tale

In this unit, you will learn about the different types of rhyme schemes and how poets use rhyme to create specific effects.


You’ll learn about the topic of unit 7, The Story of a Tiger. You will also find out how this poem is related to the tiger.

In Unit 7 we will be looking at William Blake’s poem The Story of a Tiger, which tells us about a tiger in a jungle.

The poet compares the tiger to a cloud because it has fiery eyes, and it looks like it is flying through the air when it jumps over bushes and trees.


This unit covers the following topics:

  • Introduction to the 5th STD English Textbook
  • Acknowledgement of authors and publishers

The 5th STD English Textbook is divided into seven units. The first six units are the same as those in 4th STD, but the last one is different. It consists of three chapters instead of two chapters.

Unit 8 contains pages 1-15, 16-26 & 27-32


In the absence of a textbook, Balbharati English book has been used as a reference book. It is recommended that you refer to this book for revision and writing assignments.

The table below shows the list of topics in English for STD – V:

please download the pdf

Standard 5th STD English Textbook is a comprehensive and systematic book for English medium students. The book has been designed in such a way that it caters to the needs of all classes and levels of students.

The Standard 5th STD English Textbook covers all topics like Reading Comprehension, Grammar and Vocabulary development, Language Usage, Spelling and Pronunciation as well as Theme based activities to enhance creativity and imagination in children.

A lot of exercise sets have also been provided in this book which can be used by teachers during their class hours or students can solve these exercises on their own while they are away from school. This will help them strengthen their fundamentals so that they do not face any problem when they come across hard words or sentences while reading or writing something on their own later on in life!

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