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To succeed in all aspects of life, you need to know what your “allen success mantra” is. Dan Popa, the founder of Allen Success Formula and co-founder of Traffic Geyser will teach personal development masterclass and share his secret how he became successful using his own Allen success mantra. In the past 20 years he has generated over 20 million dollars from affiliate marketing, wrote a 5 star rated best selling book, amassed a few hundreds of thousands followers on social media and much more. He is now coaching other people to apply the same method that was working for him for many years.


The Allen Success Mantra is a 6-step structure that creates success in any area of your life. The mantra helps you to get out of your own way and stop self-sabotage. Here I’ll explain the steps of the Allen Success Mantra and how it can help you change your life.


A mantra is something that is repeated to aid concentration and motivation. In Hinduism, mantras are repeated, incantations from the Vedas and other scriptures. Sikhism has mantras as well, something that the Guru Arjan compiled in the Adi Granth. Nowadays the word mantra is often associated with positive power of words. Therefore, this phrase can be interpreted as Allen’s philosophy of success.


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    Know Your Script, Change Your Life: Rewrite your future for Love, Wealth and Happiness
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      The Magic of Manifesting: 15 Advanced Techniques To Attract Your Best Life, Even If You Think It
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