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Boolean algebra is a mathematical system used in many of the different computer algorithms that computers use. I hope you all know what Boolean algebra is, if not don’t feel bad it was new to me too. All you need to know is that boolean algebra is an essential part of computer programming.


Boolean algebra is fundamental to all computer sciences and many other disciplines in mathematics, engineering, and natural science. Boolean algebra also provides an interpretive atmosphere where one can reason about and characterize their own information processing methods.


Boolean algebra is a mathematical system that uses the principles of binary logic for digital representation and analysis of information. Boolean algebra was devised in 1854 by George Boole, and finds application in multiple fields, from engineering to biology to computer science. It is also referred to as Boolean analysis or Boolean calculus.


Boolean Algebra and Its Applications (Dover Books on Computer Science)
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    Principles and applications of Boolean algebra (Hayden series in applied mathematics)
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      Boolean Functions: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications (Encyclopedia of Mathematics and its Applications Book 142)
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