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Algebra is a fundamental branch of mathematics, used in many applications, including the sciences, economics, and engineering. It involves “the study of mathematical abstractions that are useful in solving problems.”


Hi, I’m Tim, and I’m currently a high school student. I don’t know what it is about math that makes so many students hate it so much, but it sure does take the fun out of learning. However, if you learn the tips and tricks you’re about to read in this article, I guarantee your math grades will start to go up — fast!


It is possible to manipulate formulae in Word 2007. You can change, add, remove and rearrange all of the maths symbols in Word by accessing the symbol toolbar options via a simple shortcut key.


Basic Algebra For Kids: Simple Step by Step Guide For Learning, Homework and Revision
Price : $21.99
Features :

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    Item Dimensions
    Height 11 Inches
    Width 0.39 Inches
    Length 8.5 Inches
    Weight 1.01 Pounds
    Basic Algebra I: Second Edition
    Price : $11.99
    Features :

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      Release Date 2012-11-13T00:00:00.000Z
      Algebra Basics Bulletin Board Set
      Price : $15.73
      Features :

      • Colorful examples and clear definitions make it easy to introduce key algebra concepts
      • Teaches Vocabulary, Properties, How to Solve An Equation, Order of Operations, Graphing, and Formulas
      • 7 pieces, up to 25″ wide
      • Ideal for teaching: 4th Grade to 6th Grade (Ages 10 to 13)

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      Item Dimensions
      Height 0.06 Inches
      Width 18.25 Inches
      Length 31 Inches
      Weight 0.26 Pounds
      Math - Basic Algebra
      Price : $0.99
      Features :

      • Fun and easy way to understand the basic concepts and problems of pre-algebra
      • Features of the app:
      • Identify algebraic expressions
      • a) Distinguish a coefficient from a constant
      • b) Identify terms
      • c) Identify Variables
      • Simplify expressions by combining like terms,applying multiplicative and distributive properties
      • Evaluate algebraic expression
      • Identify different properties in an algebraic expression
      • a) Commutative Property Multiplication
      • b) Associative Property Multiplication
      • c) Commutative Property Addition
      • d) Associative Property Addition
      • e) Distributive Property
      • Identify Like Terms
      • All these features have lots and lots of exercises in Practice and Test sessions

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      Release Date 2015-02-12T18:41:21.000Z
      The Standard Deviants - Algebra Adventure (Learn Algebra Basics)
      Price : $8.65
      Features :

      • Factory sealed DVD

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      Item Dimensions
      Height 7.4 Inches
      Width 5.3 Inches
      Length 0.6 Inches
      Weight 0.181875 Pounds
      Release Date 2002-06-18T00:00:01Z

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