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Political science is a huge subject but only a few people consider it to be important and relevant. If you wish to know about American politics for the sake of it, there are many things that you will need to know. In this book you can learn about the basic principles of political science.

Political science is a branch of social sciences which is concerned with the study on government and international relations or foreign affairs. The course involves studying history, sociology and law along with other academic fields to acquire knowledge about how the government are working in the best interests of its people. A huge part of political science depends on theories which are termed as classical theories, while these theories were once considered as highly reliable they have now been replaced by more advanced and accurate concepts that put forth empirical methods for explanation. Nowadays, due to the rapid development in technology and political sciences, new theories have been introduced making political science a dynamic branch of study. Political science has several branches that can be classified under two major categories i;e Judicial Politics, Electoral Politics, Public Opinion Polling etc.

The basics of politics can be tricky, especially for those new to the subject. If this sounds like you, you’ll find the information in this article helpful. This article has a complete overview of the basics of political science. For example, it defines the term and then explores what politics is and what it encompasses. It will tell you about the major debates in political science, talk about its history and discuss why political science is essential. It also details some of the key theorists in the field and mentions some of the most important areas of study in the field.


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