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Computer algebra is an application area of computer algebra systems, which are themselves are one particular class of programmatic software. The main application areas of computer algebra systems are: symbolic manipulation and simplification, numerical handling of real-valued and complex numbers, equation solving by using an automatic differentiation algorithm.


Referentially transparent Calculus Abstractly and accurately representing the real numbers and the elementary arithmetic operations upon them is one of the central goals of computer algebra. Referential transparency, a fundamental concept of lambda calculus, is assumed to contain no side-effects and to be operated upon only by its constructor; this is in strong contrast to the usual imperative programs (sequential or parallel) involving assignment statements for which these properties are not true.


We welcome the opportunity to work on challenging projects involving computer algebra and symbolic computation. Our team consists of experts in areas like tensor product theory, homological algebra, group cohomology, category theory, combinatorics, and semigroup categories.


Geometric Algebra: An Algebraic System for Computer Games and Animation
Price : $61.90
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    Height 10 Inches
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    Length 7 Inches
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    Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation: Mathematical Methods
    Price : $54.95
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      Height 9 Inches
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      Length 6 Inches
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      Computer Algebra: An Algorithm-Oriented Introduction (Springer Undergraduate Texts in Mathematics and Technology)
      Price : $49.42
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        Height 10.2 Inches
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        Modern Computer Algebra
        Price : $101.48
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        • Used Book in Good Condition

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