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Engineering Mathematics is one of the most fundamental branches of Engineering. Engineering is a discussion about the scientific method, and can be roughly defined as a physical science centred on applying scientific knowledge to practical ends.


Linear algebra is a branch of mathematics concerned with the study of systems of linear equations, and with the generalizations of these systems to higher dimensions. In other words, linear algebra is the mathematics of vector spaces and linear mappings between such spaces. It includes the closely related theories of matrix algebra, functional analysis, differential geometry, and measure theory.[1]


This course will go over the following topics: Matrix Algebra, Quadratic Forms, Vector Algebra, Matrices and Systems of Linear Equations, Decompositions and Applications. This course is an introduction to linear algebra. Linear Algebra builds upon knowledge from Calculus which will not be reviewed. Therefore this course is only for people who have a solid understanding of math on at least the level of an undergraduate Calculus course.


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