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The following article will help you with your algebra homework:you… from . The purpose of this article is to solve the most difficult problems in algebra for you. Algebra is a very important subject to study in school because if allows students to have a better understanding of numbers, geometry, and equations. It also helps join two subjects together under the category of math.


In the preface I have given a brief discussion of what an algebraic group is and how to recognise one. The remainder of the notes are devoted to giving some of the most commonly-used examples and to developing some basic theory: they cover the group G = SL 2(R) = PSL 2(R), the Klein four-group, and a number of basic endomorphisms of complex projective space CP.


A linear equation a x + b y = c , is called a system of two or two-line equations. There are many methods for solving systems of linear equations; i.e., for finding all the values of x and y such that both equations will be satisfied simultaneously. If the coefficients of each equation are not both zero, there can be two or more “solutions” to a system of linear equations (corresponding to two or more different combinations of values for x and y which produce the same pair of linear equations).

Junior Learning JL497 Algebra Dominoes, Multi
Features :

  • 28 piece set of dominoes to teach algebra
  • Thick plastic dominoes make manipulation easy to play the game
  • Collectors tin for easy storage
  • Complete algebra matching games
  • Children will love the feel of learning with a real domino
  • Skill level: beginner
Learning Resources Algebra Tile Class Set
Features :

  • Use as a visual representation to teach abstract math concepts
  • Students build geometric models of polynomials, exploring firsthand the concepts related to them
  • Enough tile sets for 30 students
  • Includes: Overhead set and 40-page Activity Book
  • Ideal for ages 11+

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