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If you haven’t bought it already, you might want to consider buying the Schaums Outline of Linear Algebra (Paperback). There are some free alternatives out there which I’ve listed at the bottom of this review. They don’t substitute for having a physical copy; the examples, pictures and colors really do come in handy.


A value of algebra lies in its ability to enable us to understand and deal with complexities, like the ones encountered in the real world. However, it has to be dealt with the help of modern algebra, which is a significant improvement over conventional algebra.


At the beginning of your career in math, you may find yourself wondering what are the best books to read? As a student in secondary school, your algebra classes probably focused on algebra skills and computational practice. These texts are aimed at that level of knowledge. As you move into more advanced work, including college courses and training at businesses such as banks and insurance companies, you may even choose to study mathematics for fun.


schaum’s outline of theory and problems of modern algebra pdf

schaum series modern algebra pdf


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