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Do you find your boundaries disappear as soon as your partner walks in the door? Do you struggle to enforce your boundaries, but end up feeling resentful and unheard? Is it hard for you to admit when you’re overwhelmed, or scared? This workbook contains fillable PDFs to help you learn how to set boundaries in your intimate relationships.

Boundaries Workbook download: Boundaries are the limits you set on what you will (and will not) allow others to do in your life. This practical guide helps you identify those areas of your life where boundaries are needed, gives you step-by-step help for creating healthy boundaries, and offers realistic strategies for keeping them when others try to break them down.

If you’re looking to improve your relationships, the book Boundaries can help. This workbook will help you understand what boundaries are and how they can help you in your life.

Boundaries are all about respecting yourself, other people, and the space between the two of you. They help you set limits on your time with others and protect yourself from becoming overwhelmed by others’ needs.

This workbook will take you through 10 laws of boundaries, including:

1) I am responsible for my life.

2) Others are responsible for their lives.

3) I have a right to say “no” to requests that feel unsafe or uncomfortable to me (and others have a corresponding responsibility to respect this boundary).

4) I need to learn how to identify and express my feelings in ways that are appropriate for each situation (without blaming the other person or making them feel defensive).

5) I need to be willing to listen openly when another person shares his/her feelings with me (even if those feelings make me uncomfortable or angry).

6) If I want something from someone else (e.g., an apology), then I should ask directly rather than trying to manipulate him/her into giving it voluntarily (because otherwise he/she will resent me

Boundaries Workbook PDF Free Download


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The first part explains the need for boundaries, and how to set them.

Boundaries are limits that define us as individuals. They help us to know what is right and wrong, what is mine or not mine, and how far should I go with someone or something. We all have personal boundaries that we try to maintain in our lives. But sometimes we don’t even realize when our boundaries have been crossed because it’s so common for people to cross them without realizing it. So here are some things you can do to make sure your boundaries aren’t being crossed:

  • Make sure that when you say “No” to something, people understand that they can’t ask again later (or at least not anytime soon).
  • If someone crosses a boundary with you, let him/her know immediately so they understand why it was wrong of them to do so and won’t do it again in the future.”

In the second part, we learn about some of the most common problems that arise when people don’t know how to set boundaries.

In the second part, we learn about some of the most common problems that arise when people don’t know how to set boundaries.

  • The first problem is that it’s difficult to say no or ask for what we want because we’re afraid of other people’s reactions. If we don’t respect someone else’s boundaries, they may feel taken advantage of or taken for granted. This can lead to resentment, which in turn leads to conflict and unhappiness.
  • We also learn about different kinds of boundaries: physical (touch), emotional (love), mental (thoughts), spiritual (values).

And finally, the authors share some stories from their own experience counseling couples and families on how to implement the methods they outline in this book.

Finally, the authors share some stories from their own experience counseling couples and families on how to implement the methods they outline in this book. They describe common problems they see, such as chronic anger and resentment, and how they help people overcome them. The stories are very personal and reveal the authors’ struggles with their own families as well as with their own marriages.

But perhaps even more valuable than these personal anecdotes are those that show how effective CBT can be at healing broken relationships: after only a few sessions of therapy using CBT techniques, many couples report feeling closer than ever before—even when there has been infidelity or long-term abuse; others say that over time their relationship has improved so much that it’s hard for them to remember what life was like before therapy. Many of the other clients who were interviewed echo this sentiment: “It’s not just what he did but also how he treated me afterward,” one woman explains; another man describes his wife’s new openness toward him after treatment as “a miracle.”

You can learn to have healthy boundaries if you know what they are and what makes them work.

  • Setting boundaries is important for your physical, mental and emotional health.
  • Boundaries help you protect yourself from other people’s bad behaviors.
  • Boundaries help you feel safe in relationships.
  • Boundaries help you be more assertive.
  • They also benefit you by giving you more confidence and self-respect as well as increased happiness and peace of mind!


Use these worksheets to set boundaries that will help you feel happier, more secure and more in control of your life. Learn how to say no without feeling guilty and get a handle on your time and energy by saying yes only when it’s right for you!

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