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The Art of Fiction is a book by author David Lodge, first published in 1983, which discusses what he calls the “essentials” of English fiction writing. The book is composed of three main parts and an introductory section:


The Art of Fiction is a collection of 30 essays on writing by David Lodge first published in 1975. It has been cited as a helpful writing guide for beginning writers. The book is divided into six sections, each with five short chapters, that explore various facets of fiction writing such as narrative technique and plot development.


The Art of Fiction, David Lodge’s prescient and informative book about the novel, was first published in 1983. The book is a series of essays, each on a different aspect of the art of fiction, and shows Lodge at his best as publisher, editor, critic and novelist.


The Art of Fiction: Illustrated from Classic and Modern Texts
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The Campus Trilogy: Changing Places; Small World; Nice Work
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    Look Away
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      Changing Places: A Tale of Two Campuses
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        Writing Game: A Comedy
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