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Data science is all about machine learning, deep learning and data mining techniques. This book will be your introduction and a guide to getting started on the road to becoming a data scientist. Less emphasis on probabilities, linear regression etc. Deep Learning and High Level Machine Learning Concepts are explained in detail along with their applications in data science along with real life examples that help build intelligent systems such as image recognition, image processing, anomaly detection, optimization and other tasks. With an emphasis on real-world we focus on implementing most of the algorithms in python using libraries like Numpy / Scipy / Pandas thus making it more lucid for the readers to understand. Readers will start by understanding the prerequisites you need to be on your way to becoming a successful data scientist,what software you need including programming languages and software tools you will need to learn. The book covers deep neural networks (DNN), Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). The book emphasizes deep learning from scratch instead of just using ready made network architectures like LeNet or AlexNet which are available online. The book also covers reinforcement learning algorithms for NLP (natural language processing) like word2vec and RNN used under this paradigm. We also talk about

What exactly is data science? Data science is an animated field; also, it brings together different expertise into a collaborative effort. It is about analysing and visualising the data to have a deeper understanding of the problem. It uses diverse fields. While it relies on statistics, machine learning techniques and programming languages, it also deals with lot of statistical methods and techniques.

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Doing Data Science: Straight Talk from the Frontline
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The Art of Doing Science and Engineering: Learning to Learn
Price : $17.78
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    Release Date 2020-05-26T00:00:01Z
    Doing Data Science in R: An Introduction for Social Scientists
    Price : $43.70
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      Release Date 2021-03-31T00:00:00.000Z
      Data Science from Scratch: First Principles with Python
      Price : $28.33
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        Doing Bayesian Data Analysis: A Tutorial with R, JAGS, and Stan
        Price : $68.09
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