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Forensic science is a field that relies on the analysis of evidence in a given crime. In this particular article, we’ll explore some forensic science facts and statistics.

Forensic science is the application of science in legal situations. An expert in the field of forensic science is called a forensic scientist and often works with law enforcement or crime labs. Note that this article focuses only on a small subset of forensic scientists, mostly limited to those who work in crime labs and report their findings in court. Volume 1 outlines the theoretical foundations of forensic science, as well as key concepts like blood spatter analysis. It also provides information on historical developments, systems used throughout the world, organizational structure, training requirements and guidelines, and professional organizations.

Forensic science is a branch of science that helps in determining the presence of an object using scientific investigation when the object cannot be located. Forensic science has several levels of classes and they are all concerned with different aspects such as physical, natural and social sciences. A forensic scientist should have at least a bachelor’s degree in order to become successful in forensic science.


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