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I put together an easy to follow guide on the Friedberg method of linear algebra from a quick pdf download away.  I’m making this PDF e-book available to everyone and I’m not going to ask you for your email address. I don’t like distributing my email address or having it distribute for me.  Now please keep in mind that this is not a full blown Friedberg textbook, but rather it’s an easy to follow guide that you can use if you’re having trouble understanding linear algebra concepts.


Matrix algebra is an important branch of linear algebra and deals with systems of linear equations. Applications of matrix algebra include various branches of engineering and economics. The area has applications in computer graphics, digital signal processing, optimization and game theory. The branch is usually distinguished from the other parts of linear algebra by the use of matrix notation, but the main ideas may be expressed using determinants or other elements of linear algebra.


This section contains links to some linear algebra course notes I’ve used. Since the material is not copyrighted, I’ve rewritten the notes and added to them where appropriate. Check back occasionally if you’re interested in other sections of the course as they become available. If you’re at all interested in learning more about linear algebra, then these notes might be of use to you. At the very least, they might help fill a very useful gap in your linear algebra education.


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