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Fuzzy set theory is an extension of set theory. It can be defined as a collection of subsets whose union has the same membership function that the original fuzzy set has. A fuzzy set consists of a universe of discourse, qualitative terms, and membership grades. The application of fuzzy sets in social science is puzzling and intriguing at a time when quantification is prevalent in other areas such as physical science and biology. Aside from that, fuzziness may help to overcome some complications resulting from using only clear-cut quantities. This reason can justify the need for different approaches to address various issues in social science.

Fuzzy set theory is a mathematical tool that can be applied both in social sciences as well as economics. It’s also used to describe and study patterns of human behavior.

Fuzzy set theory is a mathematical theory of sets that allows membership degrees to be anything between 0 (unrelated) and 1 (completely related). If we think of a set as a collection of objects, then the relation of membership can be thought of as the degree to which an object is “in” that collection. Think of a room full of people as an analogy: there could be people in the room who are very much in that room, people in the room who are sort-of in the room, and people barely in the room or not in it at all. You could also envision degrees of membership for objects such as chairs, rooms, countries or even concepts like love or honor. Fuzzy sets were introduced by Lotfi Zadeh — the inventor of fuzzy logic – in 1965.

fuzzy-set social science pdf

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