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The Highway Capacity Manual (HCM) provides a comprehensive view of the theory, methods and data that are used to evaluate highway capacity and level of service in urban areas. The HCM is a very important resource for practitioners involved in transportation planning, traffic engineering and related fields.


The Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 established the interstate highway system to allow economic growth and expansion through cheap and fast transportation. The concept of building the highway capacity was not new in North Carolina but without a plan highway engineers were not able to relate the number of vehicles on the roadways to projected traffic volumes required for different levels of highways.   At approximately the same time, members of the North Carolina State Highway Commission and county engineers recognized that public demand for larger and better roads would exceed the capacity of existing facilities unless some method could be found for estimating future traffic volumes.


The Purpose of the HCM is to provide County, municipal and regional highway agencies with uniformly determined data necessary to estimate the amount of traffic that is likely to flow on typical road sections under various levels of service, and to design and operate those road sections for specific levels of service.



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