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HISTORY OF FICTION is a well-researched critical survey of the development of fictional writing and of the literary principles involved. There are beginnings for those who love literature and students in schools and universities would benefit from the book. The book is divided into 5 parts comprising of 22 chapters dealing with the following:



The history of fiction (Western literature) from the earliest recorded times to the 18th century is inclusive of both literary enterprises that possess either fully developed or nascent qualities of the fictional forms know to us today as the novel, short story and narrative poem. Despite the fact that other animals have been known to engage in activities that resemble fiction writing (i.e., certain forms of play; a ‘story’ told by a captive pig has been observed), at least part of what is considered as current Western fiction was intended primarily as entertainment rather than serious attempts at documenting reality in.


The history of fiction is a branch of literary criticism and literary theory. It refers to the development of fictional tales and to the theories about their creation and interpretation.

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