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Science is a broad topic that can be quite complex for students as they are introduced to it. There are many different types of inquiry in science and students will often times struggle with grasping the concepts around each type of inquiry. Inquiry Based instruction is a teaching method that uses discussions and activities to help students learn science concepts. This is one approach in how to instruct only part of the day, while other times include direct instruction lessons or work time. Students are encouraged to collaborate with each other and communicate what they know about their learning experience with others.

Currently, inquiry-based science teaching is a highly promoted approach. However, in the context of teacher education, this approach is often misunderstood and under-appreciated. This paper critically considers the main areas of confusion that students encounter while studying inquiry-based science teaching.

Inquiry-Based Talking Science in Elementary Schools, a pack of 11 lessons intended for use in upper elementary classrooms, has been designed to raise student achievement levels in science by developing students’ inquiry and science process skills.


inquiry-based approach in teaching science pdf

Inquiry in science education and science teacher education: Research on teaching and learning through inquiry based approaches in science (teacher) education
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    Teaching Science for All Children: An Inquiry Approach
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      Environmental Science for Grades 6-12: A Project-Based Approach to Solving the Earth
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        Inquiry-Based Lessons in World History: Early Humans to Global Expansion (Vol. 1, Grades 7-10)
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