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A book by Kenneth Hoffman can be the most effective way to understanding the subject – linear algebra. The author has come up with a way to present the subject in such a manner that explains all the aspects of it, along with an explanation of how they work.


Kenneth Hoffmans Linear Algebra: A Function Theoretic Approach is a an introduction to linear algebra primarily intended for graduating High School and first year University students from an Honors or Calculus-based background. The intended audience includes those who have some calculus and understand the various differentiation rules like the chain rule, but who have no familiarity with linear algebra.


You’re welcome to download “Linear Algebra“, a free e-book by Kenneth Hoffman (courtesy of O’Reilly and Amazon). This book is also available in other formats. More info can be found at the Google Book Search website. You can read this book online, or download it as a pdf or other format without charge.


linear algebra by kenneth hoffman and ray kunze solutions pdf

kenneth m hoffman linear algebra pdf

Linear Algebra (2nd Edition)
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    Linear Algebra : Kenneth Hoffman: Second Edition
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      Linear Algebra
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