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Water softener is a system that can change the hardwater into useful water and it requires less detergent when used with different kinds of machines like washing machine, dishwasher etc. Soft water can be used for many purposes including industrial processes, as well as domestic. There are several benefits to using soft water such as reduced soap consumption, and removal of mineral deposits left behind by hard water on shower doors, faucets, dishes, clothes and such other materials. The Water softener is a device that is installed in your plumbing system for the process of softening water.

Water Softeners – for softer feeling water and to remove minerals from the water, water softeners are necessary. There are two types of water softeners that you can use, a traditional salt type or a nontraditional filter type. Each type has its pros and cons, so it ultimately depends on your personal preferences as to which one you decide to purchase.

A water softener is a device used to remove minerals such as calcium and magnesium from household water. A typical water softener consists of three parts: a brine tank, a brine pump, and an electronic control system. Some systems have additional parts such as a salt tank and/or a timer.

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Whirlpool 12062002229 WHEWSC Water Softening Cleanser 16oz, Off-White
Price : $13.28
Features :

  • Whirlpool water softener cleanser maintains your water softener’s peak efficiency and performance
  • Helps remove harmful deposits from your water softeners resin bed, valve and system
  • Recommended use every 4 months

Additional Info :

Color Off-White
Item Dimensions
Height 9 Inches
Width 3.75 Inches
Length 5.5 Inches
Weight 1.1 Pounds
5 Micron 10" x 2.5" String Wound Sediment Water Filter Cartridge for Well filter Universal Replacement for Any 10 inch RO Unit, WP-5, Aqua-Pure AP110, CFS110, Culligan P5, WFPFC4002, WP-5, CW-MF,4PACK
Price : $24.99 ($6.25 / Count)
Features :

  • ❄️【Widely Recognized High Quality】The filter is made from NSF certified food grade and Lead – free materials. No any harmful substances contained. Made of 100% Pure POLYPROPYLENE Microfibers ( Sediment reduction rate >99%) meet European EC1935-2004 Regulations, Australian Water Mark, and has the certifications of TUV, ROHS, REACH, BPA FREE. Use it with confidence for your family.
  • ❄️【High-Efficiency Filtration】 ICEPURE Whole House Water Filter has three Layers. Micron rate differs from outside to inside. Outer layer is 10 micron. Middle layer is 7 micron. Inner layer is 5 micron. By this way, the filter not only has bigger dirts capacity, but also assure the better filtration effects than other filters. The filter is for well water and can filter up to 13000 gallons depending on water quality. Recommended to change your filter every 3-6 months for optimum performance.
  • ❄️High standards- ICEPURE water filters use US technology and teams. The ICEPURE brand has high requirements for products, and every product that is manufactured must go through 5 inspection and testing stages,ensuring that every product meets our high expectations.
  • ❄️【COMPATIBLE MODELS】  Fits any standard 10 inch Undersink Reverse Osmosis or Water Filtration systems American Plumber W5W, WP5, WP-5, W5P, W30W, 155186-52, WC34-PR, Ametek WP-5, Aqua-Pure AP110, AP010, AP11T, AP101T, Bruner WP-5, Bunn ED-S-1, S5-10, Pentek WP-5, CW-MF, WP5, CW-5, 155071-43, 158643 3/8, Culligan P1, P5, WP-5, CW-F, SCWH-5, S1A, GE FXUSC, ClearChoice 84621, Cuno CFS110, Dupont WFPFC4002, PFC4002, WFPF38001C, WFPF13003B, Whirlpool WHKF-WHSW, WHCF-WHSW, WHKF-GD05, SWC-25-1005.
  • ❄️【FIT MODELS】Fits Standard 10 inch X 2.5 inch filters, Campbell ISS, Cornelius COR105, COR120, Durable Manufacturing 5WPP10, OmniFilter RS2-DS, RS2-DS12-05, RS2-SS, RS2SS, RS5, RS5-SS, RS5SS, RS5-DS, RS5-D, RS5-S, RS-5, RS5D, RS5DS, RS5S, P5, 155014-43, EcoPure EPW2S, Aquaboon 43235-76350, Ecolab 9320-1135, Everpure DEV910908, Evoqua Advantage FCPXF0905, Flotec RS2-D12-02, RS2-DS, P5, 155014-43, RS2-DS12-05, RS2-SS,RS2-D12-01,Hydronix SWC-25-1005,Watts Premier 500181,Fits most 10 inch Housings.

Additional Info :

Color White
Bioclean Hard Water Stain Remover 20.3 oz
Price : $17.77
Features :

  • PROFESSIONAL HARD WATER STAIN REMOVER: Get the powerful industrial and commercial strength that takes stains, spots, and rust out! Remove years of unwanted hard minerals

Additional Info :

Color Green
Item Dimensions
Height 7.2 Inches
Width 2.9 Inches
Length 8.7 Inches
Weight 1.25 Pounds
Kenmore 350 Water Softener With High Flow Valve | Reduce Hardness Minerals & Clear Water Iron | Whole Home Water Softener | Easy To Install | Reduce Hard Water In Your Home , Black
Price : $670.00
Features :

  • For Cleaner Home Water: Reduce damaging hardness mineral levels up to 90 grains per gallon (GPG) and clear water iron up to 8 parts per million (PPM) in your home’s water with the 32,000 grain Kenmore water softener.
  • IntelliSoft Technology: Built with intuitive technology that adjusts to your water needs, saving you money in salt, water and energy bills. Plus, you’ll never run out of soft water.
  • Space Saving Design: This compact whole house water softening system can be easily installed in tight spaces. An ideal, convenient fit for your incoming water line.
  • Advanced Display Board: Easily monitor your Kenmore Water Softener’s salt levels and current water flow.
  • Ultra Cleansing Feature: Built-in screen keeps larger particles of sediment from entering your home’s plumbing system and provides protection for your water-using appliances.

Additional Info :

Color Black
Item Dimensions
Height 52 Inches
Width 21 Inches
Length 22.5 Inches
Aquasana EQ-304-20 Replacement 20-Inch, Sediment Pre-filters for Whole House Water Filter Systems, 4-pack,White
Price : $40.33
Features :

  • Replacement 20-inch, sediment pre-filter for Aquasana Whole House Systems (4-pack)
  • Use genuine Aquasana replacements only – untested replacements are not certified for performance capacity or contaminant removal
  • Designed to prevent dirt and sediment particles from entering and clogging the main filter unit
  • Replace filters every 1-3 months depending on water quality and sediment levels – when color darkens or water flow slows
  • Replacements made easy – no plumber required

Additional Info :

Color White
Item Dimensions
Height 20 Inches
Width 2.5 Inches
Length 2.5 Inches
Weight 1.3 Pounds

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