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Kit Dale’s 12-week meal plan is based around a simple diet of lean protein, veggies, slow carbohydrates and healthy fats. If you’re not eating like this already, it may seem complicated or difficult to follow – but in truth it could be your easiest diet ever. All you need to do is find the right recipes, prepare your meals ahead of time (or grab takeout) and stick to the plan! You can pack away the guilt with this approach to nutrition. Kit has included enough meals so you won’t find yourself hungry or craving food at the end of the week.


The 3 Secrets to a Successful Weight Loss Diet. What makes me qualified to explore the secrets of successful weight loss? I am a highly regarded and respected Certified Professional Coach who has helped thousands of clients shed unwanted pounds. My name is Kit Dale and I will show you how to strip away weight with my meal plan.


When it comes to meal planning, kit dale had it all figured out. He identified nine key principles that allowed him to cook more than 150 meals over the course of four hours. These meals helped him lose more than 40 pounds and reduce his body fat by 5%.


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Sweetzer & Orange Gold Meal Planner and Grocery List Magnetic Notepad. 7x10” Meal Planning Pad with Tear Off Shopping List. Plan Weekly Menu Food for Weight Loss or Dinner List for Family!
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  • MEAL PLANNER GROCERY LIST COMBO: Now that you’ve planned your at-home menu board, it’s time to shop! So we added a perforated Grocery List to the side of each page to jot down all the ingredients you need to execute your meal plan or meal prep list without a hitch.
  • A YEAR OF PLANNING! With 52-Pages on this pink menu planner you have enough for 52 weeks of the year! And because your weekly planner notepad arrives securely shrink wrapped with a solid 900gsm card backing – EVERY page is usable and never torn or bent. Also comes with our special Sweetzer & Orange 12-Month Money Back Guarantee. So, why not try it now!

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