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Introduction:Linear algebra is an area of mathematics that focuses on solving systems of linear equations and understanding the properties of geometrical objects like lines, planes, and so forth that can be represented by linear equations. It is used in physics, engineering, statistics and numerous other areas of science.


Linear algebra is a branch of mathematics concerned with linear equations and linear functions. It describes finite-dimensional vector spaces and algebraic operations on them. It has applications in all areas of mathematics, as well as in natural and social sciences.


When it comes to the world of mathematics and statistics, linear algebra is an area that is often heavily relied upon throughout your mathematical journeys. You see, with linear algebra you can study functions which may be real-valued, vector-valued, or complex-valued. This field seeks to examine all systems in which these linear spaces are used. With this knowledge at hand you can learn more about graphs and manifolds, geometry, analysis and topology. Linear algebra also deals heavily with functions like lines and planes as well as matrices and operators. In short, there’s a lot for you to take in regarding linear algebra.


linear algebra book pdf for upsc

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