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Management Science is the application of scientific methods and instruments to the solution of varied problems of management. In an organization, various activities are going on simultaneously. These activities generate data which needs to be processed to verify their correctness or to draw inferences concerning their inter relationships. Hence, Management Science can be defined as a study of human behavior in the context of managerial situations by application of scientific methods and techniques in order to develop or utilize scientific models for decision making. Management Science is also referred to as Operational Research, Business Statistics, Empirical Modeling, Systems Analysis etc. The terms Management Science and Operational Research are often used interchangeably when discussing the latter.

What is Management Science? Management Science (MS) uses quantitative techniques to solve managerial problems. traditional tools such as statistics, mathematical programming, decision analysis, data collection and analysis, are combined with more recent methodologies such as simulation and artificial intelligence (AI).

Management Science is a journal that publishes the “best and most relevant” original research in empirical applications of economics and mathematics to business management. It is published five times a year, with issues typically consisting of four or five research articles and one or two shorter applied pieces.

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ISE Introduction to Management Science: A Modeling and Case Studies Approach with Spreadsheets
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    Practical Management Science
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      Introduction to Management Science (2-downloads) (What
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        An Introduction to Management Science: Quantitative Approach
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          Organizational Wisdom and Executive Courage
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