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The corrosion science pdf file is about the causes of corrosions, the problems of these causes and features of acrylic corrosion.

Corrosion science is the study of electrochemical dissolution, synonymously referring to a deeper study of electrochemistry or metallurgy. It is a scientific

In this post you will get mcq for computer science .You can download them from here.

In computer science a program is composed by a series of instructions. The execution of computer programs relates to what is called interpreter and compiler. A computer executes the code using an interpreter or a compiler in their machine language. Most of the programming languages are implemented in PC or MAC which are basically computers but they have been designed to process data and read strings of codes.

This course introduces basic objects and concepts of object-oriented programming, and has the students participate in assignments and exams to assess the level of their understanding. The course is taught using C++ as programming language.


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discipline focusing on electrochemical processes occurring at the interface which can affect properties and behaviour of corroding materials. Corrosion engineers primarily use a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate and manage this interface for many kinds of materials in harsh environments (marine, terrestrial, atmospheric, and space).

Corrosion engineering is a transdisciplinary study integrating all aspects of corrosion processes, forms and effects, with an emphasis on the application of corrosion science for cost-effective corrosion prevention. The corrosion engineer applies knowledge from several fields, including materials science and engineering, chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics.



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