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It is not easy to define political science because its meaning and nature varies according to the context of the juridical order. In this way, the political science is also another manifestation of the relationship between knowledge and power. In brief we can say that political science is an academic field, an area of ​​knowledge, a level of studies with a clear conceptualization and theoretical base that deals with how political systems work, interact and affect people

Political science is a very broad term for an academic discipline covering the study of government and politics to obtain a basic understanding of politics. Political science can be realized as the sum or all and a number of academic disciplines or branches of study including governmental institutions; the role of the state and its legitimacy, the behavior and actions of political actors, individuals, groups and belief systems. Political science also includes how individual behavior (and other non-political phenomena) is influenced by politics and how politics is influenced by policy through several different approaches to analysis such as by using sociological models, theories and methods.

Political science is a social science field that deals with systems of governance and power relationships between nations, as well as political parties and interest groups within a nation. The term is political in nature, who can be politically active. Though political science is present at universities across the world, its institutions are best developed in North America, Europe and non-English-speaking countries such as Switzerland and Israel. A large number of universities worldwide specialize in this field, offering both undergraduate and graduate programs in Political Science. The study of political science enables students to better understand the various government systems of their respective countries, the different parties within battling against each other to attain power, the impact of both internal and external conflicts on their homeland’s overall development, along with the likely outcome of such conflicts.

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