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A misconception is something that is believed to be true, even though it is not. A misconception can be used in an argument to help prove or disprove the main point. The scientific community has challenged and questioned many misconceptions. We will reveal seven misconceptions in science that have been proven false by newer research or evidence.

The subject matter of science is the search for natural laws. A misconception about scientific concepts is a misconception about facts which lack verifiability, repeatability, and consistency. Hence, misconceptions contradict scientific understanding as derived from careful observation or experimentation. There are numerous misconceptions regarding scientific issues in the world today. The following is a list of such misconceptions regarding science.

In science, a misconception is empirical observations incorrectly explained by theories. This can be summarised as incorrect scientific theories giving rise to incorrect predictions, which may not match experimental data. When this occurs, the theories have to be modified or discarded.


misconceptions in science pdf

misconceptions in primary science pdf

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