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This course is a thorough and well-organized presentation. The instructor provides the viewers with information that is consistent with algebra textbooks. At the same time, the modern presentation methods make a comprehensive review of the field of linear algebra possible for students and teachers who use multimedia platforms for their lessons, as well as for anyone interested in the subject matter.


In late 16th century European mathematics, algebra was primarily understood as the application of algebraic procedures to solve problems and as the theory of solving polynomial equations such as the quadratic, cubic, and quartic equations. In other words, it is the setting up of a series of equations to find unknown quantities. By the 19th century, mathematicians such as Carl Friedrich Gauss and Wilhelm Leibniz had developed algorithms for performing these operations (and more) with a high degree of precision. Therefore, an equation such as 1x + 2x = 3x could be solved by processes that were not understood by mathematicians prior to the 19th century. This article describes some techniques used in algebra, which have been improved over time.


Algebra is the branch of mathematics that studies operations with variables. Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division are called Arithmetic Operations. When numbers stand for variables, these operations have special names too, such as Addition of Variables, Subtraction of Variables, Multiplication of Variables and Division of Variables.


modern algebra by arumugam and isaac pdf free download

modern algebra by arumugam pdf download

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