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Open Science refers to a branch of science that adheres to the philosophy in which scientific data, knowledge and findings are openly shared for scrutiny, criticism, interpretation and use by the scientific community and interested members of the public. Open Science is an application of the scientific method in research; it emphasizes “Creative freedom, Transparency, originality, Citizen participation and Urgency”.

The Open Science movement is transforming the way science is done, with researchers positing that open access to scientific data, methods and results that can be freely and openly re-used benefits not only science but society.

Open science is a new and rapidly evolving concept that represents the permeation of new ways of working in research, especially in terms of the use of communication technologies, online collaboration platforms, and public access to scientific content.




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Open Borders: The Science and Ethics of Immigration
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    Introduction to the New Statistics: Estimation, Open Science, and Beyond
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    • Routledge

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    The Craft of Science Writing: Selections from The Open Notebook
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      Women in Biology: (Science Wide Open Book #1) (Volume 1) (Science Wide Open, 1)
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