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This document is intended as an introduction to the study of physical science for students in grades five, six, and seven. It contains material which will help them in their school work in chemistry, physics and astronomy, and also in preparing for contests in these fields.

Physical science, for students in high school, is about exploring the properties of how the world around us works. Students are challenged to understand how nature is organized and governed by physical forces in our universe. Through this course of study, students develop an understanding of Newton’s laws of motion, circular & centripetal force, thermodynamics (heat/thermodynamics), conservation of energy, and waves/sound.

Physical Science is the main and fundamental subject of science. This is the branch of science which deals with the matter and its relation to space, time and energy. But people have a fear from this word as they think it very difficult and tough subject. Yes it is but with effort, dedication and a positive attitude you can clear your doubts and also feel easy while studying physical science.

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Exploring Creation with Physical Science, 3rd Edition
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    Carson Dellosa | The 100 Series: Physical Science Workbook | Grades 5-12, Science, 128pgs
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    • Great extension activities for physics and chemistry units
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    • Comprehensive array of physical science topics
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    Matter, Energy, and Entropy
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      Exploring Creation with Physical Science
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        Physical Science
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        • Physical Science 12th Edition by  Bill Tillery

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