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Boolean Algebra, a branch of algebra, studies the outcome of logical operations such as AND, OR and NOT between two propositions. This mathematics has helped solve complex computer problems. In this paper you will study the postulates on two-valued truth functions and their extensions to the larger field of multi-valued logic functions.


Abstract Many mathematical concepts are very old and go back to the times when mathematics was not yet a full-fledged field, but an extension of philosophy. Boolean algebra is one of those ancient mathematical disciplines. It is named after George Boole who, in 1847, wrote a book called An Investigation of the Laws of Thought . Boolean algebra is a branch of mathematics that studies the laws of operations for 1-valued logic (semantics) and 0-valued logic (algebra). In this essay we will briefly review some properties and laws of boolean operations.


Boolean algebra is a mathematical system for expressing Boolean functions. It has wide applications in digital electronics, computer science, and logic which was the original subject of interest.


postulates and theorems of boolean algebra pdf


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