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In this essay, I would like to show how statistics has a relevance to political science, by explaining the subject matter in which the statistics is applied to, followed by examples of the application of statistics in political science and finally concluding my essay with an overall analysis.

This will be the first article of the PhDinPolitics series. In this series, we’ll go over a number of core topics that relate to political science research and academia more broadly. We start with a topic that is essential in almost every paper you write: statistics.

The problem of lack of generalizability of statistical data remains unsolved. Even though it is known that the population, social or technical, is always limited and often inapplicable to reality. This work is based on existing studies providing empirical data and seeks to establish the degree in which there are true generalizations in order to prove the most accurate statistical models possible by verifying the adequacy of a given sample to be extrapolated as representative of the social or technical system. Preliminary results reveal how modern science has made great advances in knowledge, although not all real phenomena can be described with numbers or analyzed statistically. The conclusion states that when sampling laws are extrapolated they cramp reality exerting an incorrect pressure.


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