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Thinking about writing a research paper on algebra? Good grief! Before you waste more time reading, it is highly recommended that you have a good grasp of the theory and formulas of algebra. This can be accomplished by taking a “research-essay” course such as those offered at Princeton, MIT, or Yale.


In this research paper, you will learn why the concept of “shifting” is so important to the field of mathematics. The reason is that simple algebra exists in four different forms: the simpler (or easy) form, which we will call “shift algebra”; an intermediate or more advanced form, which we will call “Excrete algebra”; full-fledged algebraic geometry, which we shall call “Algebraic Geometry,” or AG for short; and topological algebra, which we shall also call AG. Shifts are also discussed from both a classical and modern perspective within abstract algebra.


The primary goal of this research paper is to bring greater understanding to the potential benefits and disadvantages of algebraic methods. The research paper will discuss three methods used to approximate missing values in two-value problems. In addition, the paper will discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of each method.


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