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Many times, when we talk about difficult subjects to learn, the conversation centers around subjects that are commonly considered “hard” or time-consuming, such as Italian grammar or trigonometry. It’s rare that algebra is included as a perceived difficult subject. It is often a required course in high school, but generally when people think of algebra they don’t equate it with a difficult subject. The fact is, however, that many students do not enjoy learning algebra because they do not understand the true purpose and meaning of what they are studying.


When you’re teaching algebra to middle schoolers, it can seem like the subject is boring. But the truth is that math isn’t something we’re either good at or bad at; it’s a skill we develop with practice and understanding. Algebra helps us think through problems so we can solve them in creative ways, instead of relying on patterns and guessing. With these tips, you can help your students have fun while learning some valuable algebra skills.


The first step in understanding your homework assignment is to read over the questions and/or task, which usually comes with a set of directions. This section deals with the algebraic concepts needed for this assignment.


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Plane trigonometry, by S.L. Loney.
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