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Algebra I is about a lot of things that you don’t need to know right away. Instead, it’s better to focus on your own course first. That being said, Alice has a solution book based on her years of experience in teaching Algebra 1 with the Connected Math project. Alice will give you a shortcut that would take months to learn by yourself. You can buy the solution book here . If you have any questions or concerns please let us know!


Algebra covers all mathematical topics after the pre-algebra and before the introduction of calculus. It is the study of how to solve equations with letters instead of numbers, eg. x+3 = 7+x What makes this way of solving different is its usage of variables and constants. An algebraic expression will identify a specific value. What sets algebra apart from arithmetic is that in arithmetic, one uses numbers as answers to questions, while in algebra, letters are substituted for numbers as answers to questions.


Algebra is a branch of mathematics that focuses on properties and relationships between numbers and variables. In other words, it’s about equations and formulas that describe the relationship between quantities. An equation can be a simple expression such as x + y = 5. Or, the equation can take the form of a difficult solving problem such as 3x-9 = 16 – 2x.

Student Solutions Manual for Bello/Kaul/Britton
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    Nonnegative Matrices and Applicable Topics in Linear Algebra (Dover Books on Mathematics)
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      No-Nonsense Algebra, 2nd Edition: Part of the Mastering Essential Math Skills Series (Stepping Stones to Proficiency in Algebra)
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        A Course in Ordinary Differential Equations
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          TableTopics Original - 10th Anniversary Edition: Questions to Start Great Conversations
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