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1. Most students know that what their teachers teach about science is biased and not an entirely accurate representation of the subject.

If a student-centered science education is to address the needs of all students, it must be inclusive and equitable. This report addresses meaningful, equitable attainment of scientific literacy as a complement to social and emotional development and individual academic achievement.

There are as many different types of science fair experiments as there are types of science. In the end, it comes down to the type of science that you want to conduct, your hypothesis or question that you want to test, and the variables (what will be manipulated) you will use in your experiment. This article is good for those who want to appear professional but also want to use a conversational tone. Use this article as inspiration when writing your next article.

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Handbook of Research on Student-Centered Strategies in Online Adult Learning Environments (Advances in Educational Technologies and Instructional Design (AETID))
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    The Student-Centered Science Teacher Podcast
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      In-Class Flip: A Student-Centered Approach to Differentiated Learning
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        Leadership in Integrative STEM Education: Collaborative Strategies for Facilitating an Experiential and Student-Centered Culture
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