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I scoured the internet to find what 101 meant to success, and I found tons of blog posts, but no one had written a book on it. This was when I thought to myself “what do I have to lose?” and decided to write that very first book. It took me only two months to come up with enough solid content to cover the book. The hardest thing was making sure all the content was original so that no plagiarism would be suspected.


Success is a journey and a process, it can’t be achieved overnight or by following tips from listicles. Sometimes we need to look at the big picture in order to understand what success really is.


Success starts with a single step. So if you’re just getting started, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and question your ability to succeed. There are ways to make your goal become reality. The first step is finding out what works for you and what doesn’t. The second is re-framing your negative self-talk and building up your confidence. Once you have those two down, it’s time to take action. By following the tips below you will be reassured that any goal can be achieved with perseverance and hard work.


Success 101: What Every Leader Should Know
Price : $3.00
Features :

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    Release Date 2008-09-09T00:00:01Z
    MAGNIFICENT 101 Success Aromatherapy Candle for Momentum Creation - Sage, Bergamot, Sandalwood Scented Natural Soybean Wax Tin Candle for Purification and Chakra Healing
    Price : $12.99 ($2.16 / Ounce)
    Features :

    • 6 OZ AROMATHERAPY CANDLE − Made of Natural Soybean Wax (SGS and MSDS Report available – No Petroleum or Paraffin Wax). Devoted to clearing and abundance blessings. This blend of abundance related palo santo, lavender, sandalwood, sage herbs and essential oils is designed to create a natural abundance state in the home and body.
    • MOMENTUM CREATION VIBES − Elevate your abundance vibration while burning this candle. Smudging is a cleansing ceremony that involves burning herbs and oils in a manner that fills the home with the fragrance while energetically cleansing the space and body, making room for a new intention in your mind. It is used to attract a specific desired outcome and can be done as often as needed.
    • ENERGY CLEANSING − It’s a good idea to have a door or window open while burning this candle. The negative energy and negativity have to have someplace to go! This helps make room in your mind for your new intention and what you want to attract into your life by raising your love vibration.
    • CLARITY FOR INTENTION SETTING − Choosing to sit and let go of negative thoughts in a ritual like this improves your mental clarity, allowing you to set your most genuine intention and make room for a new stage of good, elevated thoughts. Fill in the blank with your intention in lieu of what is being released.
    • CHAKRA HEALING − This healing candle collection was designed for smudging, purification, stress relief, anxiety soothing, enhancing peaceful feelings and ultimately providing an energy boost. It provides a whole experience making it the perfect gift for women as well as men. Love, light, and positive energy goes into every candle.

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    Consulting 101, 2nd Edition: 101 Tips for Success in Consulting
    Price : $12.49
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      101 Positive Affirmations for Success
      Price : $2.99
      Features :

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        Release Date 2010-12-28T00:00:00.000Z
        College Success 101: A Professor
        Price : $14.95
        Features :

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