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Generally, the ternary phase diagrams in materials science pdf are classified into two kinds: equilibrium diagrams and non-equilibrium diagrams. Note that some uncommon (for certain materials) ternary phase diagrams exist.

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There are numerous ternary phase diagrams in the materials science literature. They can be used in various applications to deduce the temperatures and pressures at which phase transitions occur. These diagrams have been studied since Albert Einstein’s first studies into disordered systems, but we will focus on the practical example of using a ternary diagram to determine the phase behavior of marine carbonates. We will establish a simple method for creating a ternary diagram based on the following criteria: 1) Pressure: 3-15 MPa; 2) Temperature: 293-750 K; 3) Solution composition of calcite, aragonite and amorphous carbonate (MgCO·3HO).

Ternary Phase Diagrams in Materials Science
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