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The Climbing Bible is a comprehensive overview of the sport of rock climbing. More than 1,800 routes are covered in 12 chapters which include the best crags in Britain and Ireland.


This book is my gift to the climbing community, to express my love for our sport and encourage others to embrace it more fully. The plan was simple: go around the world, climb with tons of different amazing climbers and collect enough material to make a full-color, illustrated step-by-step book based on the knowledge I gained on the road. At the end of the trip I would return home and spend many cold, wet nights writing this book. This was going to be fun! But then fate had something else in store for me…


I have to say that, even after reading several climbing books, this book is far more enjoyable to read. It’s written in a very personal style and the humor of Desmaison is always there close to the surface. The author relates several climbing stories. Whether funny or tragic (like the story of the man who froze on the Col du Midi), they illustrate what it means to be a climber and why we do it. The book can be read cover to cover or you can use it as a reference work for specific things


the climbing bible pdf

The Climbing Bible: Technical, physical and mental training for rock climbing (The Climbing Bible, 1)
Price : $28.74
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    The Climbing Bible: Practical Exercises: Technique and strength training for climbing (The Climbing Bible, 2)
    Price : $21.07
    Features :

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      Height 9.8425 Inches
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      Trad Climber
      Price : $35.00
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      • Trad Climber’s Bible

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      Climbing Jacob
      Price : $23.99
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        Religious Inspirtational Motivational Poster Art Print 11x14 James 4:10 Rock Climbing Jesus Bible Wall Decor Pictures
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