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Magi Story is the story of two poor young lovers, Dina and Majid who live with their families in a small town. They want to marry each other but they do not have enough money. One day Majid finds a beautiful pair of silver shoes so he decides to sell them in order to buy Dina a silver anklet for her birthday as a gift for his beloved wife. You can download The Gift Of Magi PDF here: magistory.enjoinews

The Gift of Magi is a short story about a young married couple, who had little money. The husband sold his most prized posession to buy his wife a beautiful hair comb for Christmas. The wife sold her hair to buy her husband an expensive gold chain that he wanted.

The story of Christmas: The Gift Of Magi PDF is a great story. It’s a timeless tale written by O. Henry, published in 1912. The story itself revolves around two lovers who each made a sacrifice so that they could buy each other Christmas presents. It’s a warmhearted story and hopefully one you’ll enjoy reading while sipping some cider or hot chocolate.

The Gift Of Magi Overview

The Gift of the Magi is a short story by O. Henry. It was first published in 1906 in The Four Million, a collection of twenty-four stories. The story was later added to his second collection, entitled The Trimmed Lamp and Other Stories.

The plot follows Della and Jim, a married couple who are deeply in love with each other but find themselves at odds during Christmas Eve. Della wants to give Jim a chain for his prized pocket watch, which has been broken for three years. But she cannot afford a new one, so she sells her hair to buy one for him. Jim also wants to give Della something special for Christmas, but he doesn’t know what gift she would like more than anything else in the world. He decides to sell his pocket watch so that he can buy her a set of combs for her beautiful hair—but the only pair available costs $10 and he only has $8.

The Gift Of Magi PDF


The Gift of the Magi is a short story written by O. Henry in 1906. This beautiful Christmas story tells us that true love is irreplaceable and priceless, despite material objects or money. The story has two main characters – Della and James Dillingham Young, a married couple who are madly in love with each other and deeply devoted to their relationship. But the couple has some financial problems: they live in a small apartment and don’t have much money to afford the things they need for Christmas. Even though they are poor, both husband and wife want to buy each other something special for Christmas, so Della cuts her hair and sells it to buy Jim a chain for his watch, while Jim sells his watch to buy combs for Della’s hair.

Introduction – The Gift of the Magi

With The Gift of the Magi, O. Henry depicts a young couple who love each other very much. The story takes place in New York City where Della and Jim are living together. Della has long hair that she loves very much and she wants to give it as a present to Jim for Christmas Day. However, she is too poor to buy him anything else so she decides to sell her hair instead. She visits a shop where they sell wigs and asks if they can cut off her long brown hair so that she can buy something special for Jim’s birthday.

Jim has been saving up money all year so he will be able to buy Della something beautiful for Christmas day but when he sees how sad his wife looks without her beautiful brown locks he gives up his plan and decides not only will he buy his wife something expensive but also something better than what she could have ever asked for!

Summary – The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi is a classic Christmas story written by O. Henry, a writer who won the 1919 Nobel Prize in Literature. The story was first published in The New York World newspaper on December 10, 1905. It tells the tale of a couple who want to buy each other Christmas gifts but are unable to do so due to their financial situation. At last, they manage to find gifts that will be meaningful for each other: she sells her hair and he sells his watch fob for cash which they use as exchange for their respective gifts.

Characters – The Gift of the Magi

The Gift of the Magi is a short story written by O. Henry in 1904. It tells the tale of a young couple, Della and Jim who love each other very much. Della is a beautiful woman with long black hair and big eyes, while Jim has dark hair and deep-set eyes which make him look sad sometimes. They live in New York City and are poor because they don’t have much money to buy things that they need; they only have enough money so that they can meet their daily needs like food, clothing etc..

Della loves Jim very much but she doesn’t know how he feels about her because he hardly talks about his feelings towards her even though she tries hard to find out what his feelings are towards her through asking questions or listening carefully when he talks about something else instead of talking about how much love he has for her!

Jim is also very caring person who loves his family very much; especially his sister who lives far away from them – Chicago – which makes it difficult for him to see her often since it takes up all day travelling time (by train) just to get there from where they live now! The reason why Jim’s sister lives far away from them now is because she had wanted better opportunities so she moved here some years ago after graduating college with high honors.”

Style and Technique – The Gift of the Magi

  • Style: The story is written in the first person, narrator-style. The narrator is the character of Della, who speaks directly to us from her perspective as she describes how she and Jim met and how they live their day-to-day life.
  • Technique: The technique of this story is that it’s told through a conversation between two characters. In this way, it seems like we are eavesdropping on them having a conversation about their situation and what happened to them before we get into their present predicament. This technique makes us feel more like they’re just ordinary people with ordinary lives (not unlike our own).
  • Characterization: In order to show characterization through dialogue you need at least two characters who are well developed enough for readers to care about or identify with them so that you can generate empathy between those fictional characters and real readers who read fiction books like yours!

Analysis – The Gift of the Magi

The following is an in-depth analysis of the short story The Gift of the Magi:

The Gift of the Magi is a story written by O. Henry, and was published in his collection Cabbages & Kings. It is about Della Dillingham Young and Jim Young, a married couple who have been saving for months to buy each other Christmas gifts. However, when Christmas arrives they realize that their savings aren’t enough to buy each other anything meaningful. Desperate to make this Christmas memorable for their first real Christmas together as husband and wife, they sell their most prized possessions—Della sells her beautiful hair and Jim sells his pocket watch—in order purchase gifts for one another. At first both are upset over what they’ve done but eventually realize that these sacrifices were well worth it because it brought them closer together as individuals and as partners in life

Summary Of The Gift Of The Magi

Summary Of The Story

The Gift Of Magi is about a young couple, Della and Jim, who live in New York City. They are poor, but they love each other dearly and have a wonderful relationship. They celebrate Christmas every year by giving each other gifts that they cannot afford with the little money they have. One year, Della decides to buy Jim an expensive chain for his watch because he has been saving up so many months to buy her a beautiful set of combs for her hair; however, the day before she can give him his gift he loses it and cannot afford any more chains. Instead of telling him about this, Della cuts off all her beautiful long hair and sells it so she can buy Jim what she thinks will be an even better present than the combs: a platinum fob chain for his watch!


As a result, the reader is able to see how Della and Jim’s love can overcome even the biggest obstacles. The fact that both of them gave up something for each other gives us hope that our own relationships will survive even when we feel like giving up

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