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The Glass Castle is the true story of growing up in a profoundly dysfunctional family. It is a story of unparalleled resilience and fortitude. It is also a story about how broken and self-absorbed parents can damage their children for life. In this book, Jeannette Walls tells us about her life growing up with parents whose passion for alcohol was stronger than their passion for providing a stable home. Her father was an alcoholic who disappeared for days or weeks at a time; her mother was an aspiring poet who preferred the romantic poverty of an artist’s life to the responsibilities of motherhood.

The Glass Castle is the incredible true story of one family living in thirteen houses over a period of thirty years. It covers their triumphs, such as winning the lottery and escaping the Great Depression, as well as the devastating lows that included abject poverty, alcoholism and suicide attempts.

The Glass Castle is a memoir written by Jeannette Walls and published on May 10, 2006. The story is about her life from childhood until adulthood and her three siblings. Jeannette Walls was raised in poverty by parents who were mentally ill and irresponsible. Her family moved seventeen times during her childhood, mostly within the state of Arizona.

The Glass Castle Overview

The Glass Castle is a memoir by Jeannette Walls, published in 2005. It is the story of her childhood and young adulthood in a dysfunctional family.

The book begins with Jeannette as an adult, living in New York City and having just recently left her husband. She reflects on how she grew up in an unconventional household that was run by her parents, Rex and Rose Mary Walls.

Rex was an alcoholic who abandoned the family after they had moved to Arizona. Rose Mary was a talented artist who drank heavily and had difficulty holding down jobs, so they were often poor.

The book chronicles Jeannette’s childhood in poverty-stricken West Virginia, where they lived in a house without windows or running water; their move to Arizona when Jeannette was seven years old; their life as nomads living out of hotel rooms; and finally settling down again in West Virginia for several years before moving on again when Jeannette was fifteen years old.

The Glass Castle PDF


The glass castle is a memoir written by Jeannette Walls. The book is about the author’s upbringing in West Virginia and Arizona, alongside her three siblings with their unconventional parents, Rose Mary and Rex Walls, who were creative idealists but poor providers. It follows the life of the Walls family as they travel from state to state in search of better life prospects, however things are not always as they seem from the outside. In this Glass Castle PDF you will find a summary that summarizes each chapter of this amazing novel!

Part One

The Glass Castle is a memoir by Jeannette Walls, and it was published in 2005. The book tells the story of her dysfunctional family: her father, Rex (an alcoholic), and mother, Rose Mary (a dreamer). They are nomadic and poor. Their house is made out of glass bricks that they collect from the trash and construct into houses by hand.

In Part One of The Glass Castle, we meet Jeanette and get to know her family as she does. She describes how she was raised in the “glass castle” with no heat in winter or air conditioning in summer but plenty of love from her parents—in their own way—and not much else besides that. Rex works hard when he can find work or sober up enough to do so; Rose Mary spends most days at home making jewelry while neglecting both herself and her children emotionally; Jeannette’s brother Richard has Asperger’s syndrome; Joady is constantly bullied by classmates because of his intellectual disability; Lori has an eating disorder; Maureen is promiscuous at an early age; Marie lives away from home but returns often due to depression caused by being sexually assaulted as a teenager; Carol Ann struggles with alcoholism later in life before dying suddenly on Christmas Day 2005 while visiting relatives back east with no one knowing why she had even been there…

You Can’t Go Home Again

When Jeanette Wall’s father tells her that she can’t go home again, he means that he and her mother will not allow their children to come back. This suggests that the Walls’ family is not a safe place for their children.

In The Glass Castle, Jeanette Wall tells the story of growing up with an alcoholic father, who eventually abandoned the family. She has one brother and two sisters who are also affected by her father’s alcoholism; they too struggle to grow up in an unsafe environment. In telling her story, Wall comes to realize how deeply this childhood experience has affected all aspects of her life—from career choices to relationships with other people throughout adulthood.

The Desert

  • The family lived in a desert.
  • They lived in a tent.
  • They lived in a trailer.
  • The family lived in a cave with a tent attached to it, and their trailer parked outside the entrance to their home for easy access to water and electricity (if they had any).

Talk of the Town

The Walls family lived in a number of different places, including Tennessee and Kentucky. They also moved to several different states, including California and New York. When they were living in Welch, West Virginia they were broke and struggling. They had no money coming into the house so they had to live off of whatever food they could find or steal. One day they were able to get a job as laborers at a local strip mine where Jim’s father worked until he injured himself on the job site due to being too drunk from drinking beer every night after work (document 3). This was one event that led up to them leaving for good because his father was fired from his job after he couldn’t walk straight after having surgery done on his leg which ultimately caused him not being able to work anymore (document 4). After this happened we moved back down south where I grew up but since it wasn’t home anymore or what we wanted for ourselves so mom suggested moving again! We ended up moving somewhere else anyway because dad said there wasn’t enough jobs around here anymore so instead we decided on going back out west again where there are lots less problems than here anyways…

Funerals for Old Ladies

You will learn about the Glass Castle’s childhood in Welch, West Virginia. The Walls’ family is not a safe place for their children. Their nomadic lifestyle leads the Wall kids to live in various places around the country, some of which are incredibly impoverished.

Mother’s Day, Mother’s Way

One day, the mother got a box of chocolates for Mother’s Day.

She thanked me for the gift and said that it was her favorite candy. She said that she loved chocolate and that she had never had any before.

I asked if she liked it, and she said that it was really good but didn’t taste like anything at all because I had just painted over them with black paint from the garage.

Backlash Blues

The Glass Castle opens with a scene of Garbage Day in the family’s new home, Phoenix. It is a hot summer day and Ma is yelling from the front yard at her children to hurry up. She is trying to get them out of the house so that she can clean it for their landlord, who will be coming over later to check on things. The kids are reluctant because they have just finished making mud pies and want to play some more before lunch. When there is still no sign of Billy or Jeannette, Ma starts yelling at them again but this time she also threatens them by saying that if they do not come out soon then she will send everyone away and make it so they cannot ever come back again (Glass Castle 1).

This beginning sets up the rest of the novel as we see how each event has been traumatic for each individual member of the family yet at each turn they still manage to find some happiness within their situation even though most people would consider what happens next unreasonable or unfair treatment by those looking after them (Glass Castle 2).

Walk in My Shoes

As a child, I learned that the only way to survive was to adapt and be quick. My family was nomadic, always moving around the country in search of work and stability. We lived in desperate conditions at times; we were not safe or cared for. But it all made sense when my mom told me about how her parents had left their home in West Virginia to live on their own, with no money or means of support but hope for a better life—one where she would not have to depend upon others for basic needs like food or shelter. She wanted us kids to grow up knowing that if we could just get through one more day at a time, tomorrow would bring something better than today had brought before it.”

This quote from Jeannette Walls’ autobiography The Glass Castle describes her journey as a child growing up under extremely difficult circumstances.”

When Jeanette Wall’s father tells her that she can’t go home again, he means that he and her mother will not allow their children to come back. This suggests that the Walls’ family is not a safe place for their children. The family’s nomadic lifestyle leads the Wall kids to live in various places around the country, some of which are incredibly impoverished, like Welch.

In contrast to the Walls’ family, you have a steady home, car, income, education and job. You also have a consistent family from whom you can feel safe. In short: you have everything that the Walls do not. The point is that your life is stable and secure while theirs is not. Because of this contrast between yourself and the Wall children’s lives, they need your help more than ever before — especially since they are feeling unsafe with their parents at home (and maybe even on vacation).


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