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When you’re a parent, it can seem like your job is to be a professional entertainer. You’re up all night, getting 4 hours of sleep and taking care of the kids by yourself on weekends. Why not do something fun with them? The Hatchet PDF is the book that gets passed around from friend to family to friend again because we promise it is funny and a great way for anyone with kids to spend time together.

Do you love Hatchet? Get the PDF that takes place 2 years after the events of the story. This is a companion piece to Hatchet and Greg’s writing, weaving new history into his world as well as giving you a glimpse at what happened after. This is not a novel – it is a companion piece to Hatchet and not meant to be read alone (as Hackford did not intend for this sequel).

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Hatchet is a young man’s adventure story set in the 1930’s. This story concerns a thirteen year old boy who is stranded in the Canadian wilderness after his pilot father has an accident and dies.

The Hatchet PDF Overview

Hatchet is a novel by Gary Paulsen. It was first published in 1987. The book tells the story of a thirteen-year-old boy named Brian Robeson who survives in the Canadian wilderness for fifty-four days after his single-engine plane crashes near the wilderness.

The Hatchet novel was written for young adults and is considered to be a survival fiction novel. However, critics have also described it as coming-of-age and adventure stories.

The book has been adapted into movies twice; once in 1990 and again in 2018. In addition, there are several other adaptations of the book including plays and graphic novels.

The Hatchet Book Review

The Hatchet book review gives an overview of what happens in each chapter of the novel. It also includes information about characters, themes, and important quotes from each chapter of the original novel by Gary Paulsen.

The Hatchet PDF


The following content is a reproduction of the book, The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen. We have reproduced it for your convenience and learning pleasure. All parts of the book are included within this post, including chapters 1 through 12.

Chapter 2

You’ll be able to see the entire picture of survival—from how to make a fire, find food and water, and navigate with a map and compass. Even if you’re not planning on getting mauled by your next-door neighbor’s dog or stranded in a forest for days at a time, this book will help you understand what it takes to be an explorer.

You can also learn about some of the people who have made their name in the wilderness over time. For example:

  • Ernest Shackleton was one of the most famous explorers of all time. He led three expeditions that set out from England to cross Antarctica (the first in 1907). However his ship got trapped by ice floes so he had no choice but turn back for home again! But once home he planned another trip down south which took place between 1914-1916…and this time Shackleton made it all the way across! One thing I learnt from reading about him though was that he would always tell stories around campfires with his men after dinner so they could enjoy themselves too 🙂

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 is a section of the book that introduces us to a new character. The main character, Brian Robeson, is at school. He’s sitting in class and looking at his textbook when he notices that it has all the same information as his old one! His teacher tells him that since his old textbook was destroyed during the hurricane, it won’t be replaced until next semester. Brian realizes he’s going to have to use this old textbook for another six weeks of school. He’s worried about how this will affect his grade and whether or not he’ll pass this class!

The setting for chapter 3 is mostly inside Brian’s classroom where we see him sitting at his desk with other students in their seats around him listening attentively while their teacher lectures on what they can expect from her class over the next few weeks (this part takes place out loud).

Chapter 4

Paul is on a plane. The plane is flying over the Atlantic Ocean. On board the plane are Paul’s parents, who are dead. Also on board are several other passengers, one of whom is a man whose leg has been chopped off by an axe and thrown into the ocean below.

Chapter 5

The Hatchet is a tool, but it’s also a weapon.

The Hatchet is a tool for survival. It can help you chop firewood, build shelter, and more.

The Hatchet is a great way of chopping wood for cooking or heating purposes.

Chapter 6

“Paul was in the wilderness, and he was lost. He was hungry and thirsty, cold and scared. He was all alone.”

“Paul had been running for hours through the forest when he finally stopped to rest at the base of a tree. All around him were trees covered in mosses, ferns, vines, and other plants he could not identify. A few feet away from him stood a large boulder covered with moss that looked down at him like eyes.”

Chapter 7

You are alone in the woods, and you have a fever. You see a bear coming toward you.

You have to kill it to survive.

You feel bad about killing it because it was just trying to live its life too, like you were doing before this terrible thing happened.

Chapter 8

In Chapter 8, the boy and his father have finally reached a place of acceptance. They’ve both accepted that they will never return to their old lives and that they must live with each other. The boy tries to reach out to his father but he’s still unable to do so. He says he “just wants somebody who cares about [him], someone who loves him…” (King).

The father is unhappy with this but doesn’t show it outwardly. He responds by saying “I don’t know what love means anymore… If I did then maybe I’d be able… Maybe if you were smarter or stronger or better at something than me then maybe then I could say ‘Yeah well at least he can do this thing’ but there’s nothing left for us now.” The father sees himself as less than human because of what happened between him and his wife years before; now all he has left is his son (and even though the boy was his reason for leaving home in the first place).

Chapter 9

The boy is in the woods. He’s scared, hungry, cold and alone. The boy feels like he’s in a dangerous place that no one knows about—a place where he can’t be found. He’s afraid of the dark because it reminds him of everything he doesn’t want to think about: being alone and having no family or friends.

Chapter 10

The hatchet is a tool. It has a blade, a handle, and a sharp edge. The hatchet is used to cut wood with the sharp edge of its blade. It can also be used for cutting down trees.

Chapter 11

Chapter 11 is the story of a boy who is attacked by a bear, and saved by a girl who lives in the woods. She teaches him how to survive in the woods, and tells him to stay away from the town. The girl also teaches the boy how to make a bow and arrow.

Chapter 12

The chapter is about a plane crash. The main character is the pilot, who gets injured in the crash and has to survive in the woods alone until he finds his way back to civilization. He finds a hatchet that helps him survive while he’s hurt and eventually makes it back to town.

This is the end of the book

You’ve read the whole book. It’s time to close it, but before you do, think about what you’ve learned about hatchets.


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