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The Rhetoric of Fiction embodies Brooks’s meticulous, almost obsessive attention to language and to the writer’s single most important task: getting the words right. In chapters on the use and abuse of language, Brooks explains how readers react to writers whose words are unclear, who trip over their own syntax, who substitute pretense for clarity, and whose writing simply doesn’t work. She then applies these insights to some of the great masters of fiction–Austen, George Eliot, Henry James, Woolf–to show how they overcame problems as they wrote. And she looks carefully at the art and craft of writing itself in a way that a first-rate writer might: with precision about the choices professional writers make and with understanding of what it takes to make the words sing on paper.


This paper examines the rhetoric of fiction, an established literary and ideological tradition. Fiction is frequently considered a tool for social realism and persuasion or a place to escape reality. In this study, Rochard Trevor-Roper’s famous essay “The Rise of Fiction” is used as a basis for the development of the argument that fiction is significant because it operates on a level beyond individual media texts, using history, journalism and science as its raw materials


Rhetoric is the art of using language to convince, persuade, or motivate an audience. Imagine your characters struggling and suffering through droughts and flooding, famine and plague… and then you can get their story right.

The Rhetoric of Fiction
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Founding Fictions (Rhetoric Culture and Social Critique)
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Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft (8th Edition)
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Rhetoric (Dover Thrift Editions: Philosophy)
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    Black Power
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