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THE wine bible is a must read for anyone that is passionate about wine or starting to get interested in this world. It was written by the author of the James Beard award-winning blog the wine opus , which is sold as a standalone subscription service. I find this book to be incredibly useful and full of great information. The chapter on grape varieties alone is worth its weight in gold, with over 50 pages devoted to over 350 different types!


It’s not often that a wine professional releases (or at least makes available) a book about wine, but that’s exactly what you get with Karen MacNeil’s THE WINE BIBLE. The Wine Bible is considered by many to be one of the most authoritative books on wine ever written.


The Wine Bible is the most comprehensive wine book published to date, featuring 5,500 listings and 6,500 maps in an easy-to-use format. It includes not only a dictionary of each wine variety with tasting notes, but also a wine how-to section.

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The Wine Bible
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The Wine Bible, 3rd Edition
Price : $55.00
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    Release Date 2022-10-11T00:00:01Z
    The Wine Bible
    Price : $18.29
    Features :

    • Some wines are like people… they get better as they get older, pg. 64.
    • Ravishing, elegant, and rich, Petrus in Ingrid Bergman in red satin, page 156.
    • The shimmering elegance of Veuve Clicquot, affordable luxury in a glass, page 185.
    • Sherry, the world’s most misunderstood and underappreciated wine, page 437.

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    Wine Bible
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