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In the last decade, data science has substantially changed the way organizations handle their ‘data’. With new tools emerging almost everyday, data science is making its way into textbooks, classrooms and research papers. As an aspiring data scientist, you might be looking for entering into this field as a career choice but can’t decide right now. If your heart is telling you yes but you need convincing, this article answers some questions that you might have in mind while demystifying the world of Data Science a little.

Data science can seem daunting. It is becoming more complex with every passing day as new research and artificial intelligence is applied to interesting problems in fields such as healthcare, finance and transportation. But data science doesn’t have to be complicated and the term itself should not cause fear. Anyone who has experience using Excel can pick it up with ease. Here I will outline four steps on how to get started with data science using R and ultimately improve your data analysis skills regardless if you are working full time with data or just looking to do something fun on the side.

Data science is an interdisciplinary field of study that draws ideas, techniques and practices from a wide range of fields within computer science as well as other quantitative social sciences such as statistics, mathematics, and economics. As a profession, data science is distinguished from the underlying activity of computer science by its focus on applications driven by the problem understanding in business context rather than the problem solving for its own sake in technical context.




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