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Can you define discipline? And can you define pedagogy science? The two words seem redundant and combined it seems like a tautology. Those of us who have gone to school have probably run into some teacher (and more than likely our own parents) that goes by one or both of those concepts. In fact, I’m reasonably sure that most of my teachers growing up were making up the curriculum as they went along! But I digress…what is discipline exactly, is it the same as accountability, and what makes something pedagogy science?

The study of discipline and pedagogy is an important aspect for all teachers.  This article provides insights about the influence of biology, chemistry, physics, maths, computer science and other subjects on shaping the education system at primary school level. It shows that these subjects play a significant role in shaping the child’s mind and thoughts. Understanding the knowledge derived from these subjects helps teachers design their teaching strategies in a better way

Have you ever felt like discipline and pedagogy are not your strong points? Have you tried everything to be more disciplined without success? We all experience this at one point or another. In those moments of doubt, it is difficult to find your way back if you don’t know what the next step is. To be successful in anything we have to learn how to self-coach effectively. So in today’s article I would like to share what I learned through my research about discipline and pedagogy for music education. You’ll learn about the three main ways of disciplining musicians: punishment, rewards, and natural consequences. You’ll also learn about how you can use negative reinforcement as a powerful tool in self-discipline.


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