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A meal plan helps you stick with your vegan aesthetics diet easier because it gives you a structure to start from. You also have everything all at hand, you don’t have to go searching, just read the plan and go shopping. With a vegan aesthetics meal plan you can get a good overview of the meals you’ll be cooking each week.


Vegan Aesthetics Meal Plan is a learn-by-doing plan that features easy-to-prepare, delicious recipes you can use to build muscle while living a nutrient-rich vegan lifestyle.


The 30-Day Vegan Aesthetics Meal Plan that contains a four-day rotating meal plan with vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner options as well as grocery lists, ideal macros, free printables and fitness tools!


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      Sweetzer & Orange Gold Meal Planner and Grocery List Magnetic Notepad. 7x10” Meal Planning Pad with Tear Off Shopping List. Plan Weekly Menu Food for Weight Loss or Dinner List for Family!
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      • WHAT’S FOR DINNER? For all the parents who hear this every day and all the health conscious souls planning their week, the Sweetzer & Orange meal planner Gold Magnetic Food Planner is for you. Pop it up on your fridge for an easy to see “what’s for dinner” answer every day.
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      • DOUBLE MAGNETS: We’ve also experienced the “weak” magnetic meal planner, you know the ones – the meal plan notepad that slide down your fridge! You won’t find that here – our friends adore dinner planning like you, so our DOUBLE magnetic backing holds up to any plan!
      • MEAL PLANNER GROCERY LIST COMBO: Now that you’ve planned your at-home menu board, it’s time to shop! So we added a perforated Grocery List to the side of each page to jot down all the ingredients you need to execute your meal plan or meal prep list without a hitch.
      • A YEAR OF PLANNING! With 52-Pages on this pink menu planner you have enough for 52 weeks of the year! And because your weekly planner notepad arrives securely shrink wrapped with a solid 900gsm card backing – EVERY page is usable and never torn or bent. Also comes with our special Sweetzer & Orange 12-Month Money Back Guarantee. So, why not try it now!

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