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Vinay Kumar is an Indian mathematician who has major contributions to the modern algebra. He is best known for his research in algebraic number theory, algebraic geometry, and their relations to arithmetic geometry. In particular, he proved that the generalized Fermat equation xn + yn = zn has no non-trivial integer solutions for n > 2 .


In order to solve complex (or even simple) mathematical problems very fast, one must know how to manipulate the equations. There are different ways of doing so, and in Algebra, we will be learning a lot of them. Let us first have a look on some important concepts: Equations, variables, equalities.: Equations are nothing but the math expression of balance between more than one quantities.


This post is dedicated to all the students who want to learn Higher Secondary Mathematics from basics. To give you a heads-up, this post will be helpful for class XII and even graduate students.  I have explained in detail each and every topic with below topics …

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