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Here, you have the opportunity to use first person. Most often this is not a good idea, but since science is highly personal and since the tone of your writing here is very personal: you are telling why you liked a particular project or writing style, it’s better to use first person. While I don’t know if there is enough room for that in your application, at least as an appendix, you can write about your experiences with science in general.

While working on the content of your website you have to define the interest of your customers. If you are thinking of showing off your skills by writing scientific articles, keep in mind that science has its own terminology and language. There is a very specific way for building ideas and there is a rule when it comes to writing scientific texts. If you want to get popular among people you will have to learn the rules which are important for supporting the ideas and expressing them. Here are some tips which will help you not only to write well but also to express all uncertainties, unfamiliar terms and facts in an efficient way.

Research papers have evolved over time. They are the foundation of scientific literature and a basis in which you do research. The first research papers started back in the 18th century and even into the 19th century centuries. Research papers were really just brief overviews of studies or work being done by scientists. These studies would be summarized with pertinent observations made and conclusions drawn about what was found out about any topic for which actual scientific research was carried out.



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